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    “The crowded field of Republican candidates running for President in 2016 has some pundits concerned about whether so many dissenting points of view might polarize moderate voters and damage the GOP’s chance of regaining the White House. A new book, The Republican Dream Team of 2016©, reimagines the political process in a way that would enable conservative and moderate voters to rally behind a unified “Dream Team” to win.


    The book draws upon research conducted by Spectrem Group, a ground-breaking research and consulting firm, which identifies the issues most important to conservative and moderate voters. This research, combined with the authors’ deep knowledge of systems and change management, fosters an innovative approach to elections and the transition of power that follows. The Republican Dream Team of 2016© plan lays the ground work for transforming the current ineffective federal government today - not a year from now.


    The book provides in-depth explorations of the current candidates’ campaign platforms, giving readers the opportunity to see their policies side by side and create an early Voting Guide. The assimilation of positions can help create a consensus platform for a united GOP to regain the White House and begin to enact vital reform in the federal government.”






  • About the Authors

    A Strategy for Republicans to Win

    Catherine S. McBreen

    Catherine McBreen is the Managing Director of Spectrem Group, a highly respected market research firm that has traditionally focused on research with high net worth investors as well as consumers and investors of all types. Based upon Catherine's interest in the political process,and her admiration for many of the candidates, she decided to apply her research skills with voters to test the concept of a Republican Dream Team.


    Catherine has been a frequent commentator in the media, including publications such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Investment News, American Banker and multiple other publications. She has appeared on CNBC and Fox Business as well as other regional media appearances. Catherine has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences. In 2007 she published her first book, Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On in conjunction with her business partner, George Walper, Jr.


    Catherine has a J.D. from DePaul University College of Law as well as a B.S. from Northwestern University. Prior to joining Spectrem Group she worked as in-house counsel at Harris Bank in Chicago and was an attorney for Hopkins and Sutter.


    Catherine has been a Republican ever since publishing a poem about Abraham Lincoln in 5th grade. Catherine has contributed to and worked on the campaigns of many Illinois Republicans including Bruce Rauner, Bob Dold and Mark Kirk. She hopes to assist Republican candidates in the Illinois primaries this year.



    Kathy Seei

    Seei is a well-known public and private sector innovator and leader. During her six-year term as Mayor of Frisco, TX, the municipality grew by 300 percent to become the fastest growing city in the U.S.  Under her leadership the city became known for public/private sports partnerships, won awards for forward planning and was the first city in the US to require energy star standards for all new homes. She ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in the Republican Primary in 2008.
    Seei formerly served as Vice President of Corporate Development for AECOM, a large global technical design firm, where she aligned business development services to connect strategic clients with the best service teams.
    Seei also founded SEEI3, LLC to create and deliver interactive planning/learning experiences in a variety of business areas including strategic planning, corporate security and diversity.  Seei was a sought after keynote speaker and partnered with Marsha Clark and Associates to train top executives for fortune 500 companies.
    An active community volunteer, Seei has served on the Frisco Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, Columbia Medical Center of Plano Board of Directors, President of the Dallas/Fort Worth Mayor’s Association, President of the Arts of Collin County Foundation and President of Frisco Multi-Faith.   Seei has been honored as Citizen of the Year (Frisco, TX), 21 for the 21st Century (Inside Collin County Business) and numerous other awards.


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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    August 25, 2017
    By the time I reached the age of “proper” female undergarments, women had abandoned the use of synched corsets. We were moving quickly from girdles to pantyhose and have thankfully arrived at bare legs. During the presidential election I blogged about preferring to be “shoeless” choosing liberty...
    February 16, 2017
    February 16, 2017 In our household a debate is being held on the amount of time spent watching our federal government in action.  Unable to extract myself from the unfolding of the presidential election and inauguration, I told my husband, “This is my super bowl!”  My passion to follow the...
    November 14, 2016
    Dear Captain-Elect, Congratulations on taking the time to surround yourself with the right crew to help you navigate as the leader of the free world.  I’m writing because I believe in the engine that makes this ship run – the constitution. (“I Agree with Robert Gates” 12/8/15).  If followed, I...
    I hear that those of my herd are stampeding to Hillary.  “Why?” I ask.  They answer, “Trump is a bombastic, misogynistic, insensitive brute that will only benefit the rich and annihilate the world by pressing THE button.” I remember viscerally the Cuban Missile Crisis – I was in the fifth grade...
    Society tells me I “should” like shoes because I am a woman. I choose to buy shoes with enough style to fit in and enough fit to get me through the day.  Those that know me best know that when given a choice I prefer to go barefoot. I prefer the freedom of bare feet to style or fit. With all of...
    FOX News commentators speak as if they have read our book, The Republican Dream Team of 2016 (www.republicandreamteamof2016). Hannity in an interview with Ted Cruz (before he dropped out of race): Hannity:  “I have a crazy idea and I’ve been talking about it on the radio the last two weeks . . ...
    March 21, 2016
    Catherine McBreen and I have been lobbying for the audacious idea that the Republican candidates for president run as a team.  Can it be possible that our book The Republican Dream Team of 2016 was published only eight short weeks ago? What an amazing eight weeks in politics it has been. We...
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