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Balanced Budget Amendment!

My friend, John Ratcliffe, represents the 4th Congressional District in Texas in the US House of Representatives. I first met John when he was elected Mayor of Heath, Texas in 2004. He finally unseated Ralph Hall six years after I attempted to unseat this longest serving Congressman in 2008. I like to think I “softened” the electorate to this change J. If you read my blog on the Constitutional Convention you will love the fact that John is taking a stand to get control of our runaway debt. John, has requested that you send this out to your friends and to your Congressman – let them know you want this done!! Thanks, John!



$18.96 trillion.  That’s our current level of national debt.  In Congress, one of my top priorities over the last year has been to do everything in my power to stop the endless cycle of borrowing, taxing, and spending so that we can restore fiscal sanity once and for all. 

I’ve introduced a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution to force the federal government to live within its means.  In addition to capping federal spending at 18% of GDP, the Balanced Budget Amendment I introduced includes a “no balanced budget, no pay” mechanism for members of Congress.  It’s time that we hold every elected official accountable.

Ultimately, this fight for conservative values is about ensuring that our children, grandchildren, and all future generations inherit an opportunity-filled America.  That’s why I’m proud to have voted against raising the debt ceiling, and in favor of cutting over $5.3 trillion in wasteful spending.

Can your forward this email to 5 or 10 friends to help spread the word?

The primary election is right around the corner with early voting beginning on Tuesday, February 16th. 

John Ratcliffe, January, 2016


- Kathy Seei

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