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Barefoot and Unafraid in Texas

Kathy Seei

Society tells me I “should” like shoes because I am a woman. I choose to buy shoes with enough style to fit in and enough fit to get me through the day.  Those that know me best know that when given a choice I prefer to go barefoot. I prefer the freedom of bare feet to style or fit.

With all of the important things going on in the world, why talk about something as frivolous as shoes?  Laborers, athletes, hikers and dancers know shoes can be essential tools for performance.  The right footgear can make or break you.  Although I am none of these, I do choose to live in Texas where shoes are a must on hot pavement in the summer.  I wear shoes on Sunday to help maintain focus on the sermon. However, when in my home – I’m shoeless.

In the current political environment some of us feel compelled to change shoes several times during the course of the day due to differences in style (political correctness) we encounter and fit (bureaucracy) by which we are constrained.   Needing to carry around all those shoes is exhausting and non-productive. Channeling Bernie Sanders we yell:  “I’m sick and tired of all the damn shoes!”

People around the world are using their feet to move where life is perceived to be better.  Our worn out immigration system has hurt our feet for far too long -  especially the feet of those wearing the “illegal” brand.  Too many shoes (old and new) create a distraction that allows the “wink, wink, nod” of greed to keep the immigration system and other systems broken. 

A perfect political terrain is not possible – democracy is messy by design.   However, I want the liberty to choose the path I take without the constraints of what others think is politically fashionable.  I want the freedom to move along that path without someone intentionally eroding the path in front of me for political gain.   

In November, I will choose to vote for the candidate best able to reconstruct the paths of liberty clearing the way for all who choose to get moving again.  Mr. Pundit, Ms. Blogger, Mrs. Pollster, In this election you will continue to “guess wrong” if you try to predict election outcomes by looking in our current shoe closet.   It is folly to judge us by the shoes we feel compelled to wear or by someone else’s shoe of choice.

Keeping the focus on which candidate is selling the best shoe versus focusing on the person who can fix the terrain of liberty ensures continued inertia. In November let’s not sit in a chair being fitted for a single shoe.  Any one shoe over time can rub a blister and begin to stink.   

What’s a pollster, commentator, blogger, tweeter or anyone else who is trying to divine which shoe best fits the voter in November to do?  Read The Republican Dream Team of 2016.

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