Betrayal punches you in the gut. All of us remember a time when we felt betrayed. Many of us are feeling it now as we experience our federal government. Democracy is hard to pursue in an atmosphere of betrayal. Most of us trust ourselves to do the right thing – or forgive ourselves when we slip and don’t. However, forgiving another person (or elected body) who is perceived as lying or failing to do what they promised – well, that’s another thing.

Facebook posts on this site, reveal many Republicans are feeling betrayed. Trusted candidates are sent to Washington to take over both houses - and nothing happens. Or worse, budgets that sink us further into debt are passed. The president uses executive authority to circumvent the constitutional balance of power. When the legality of an action needs to be double/triple checked - something is amiss.

Betrayal leads to a fight or flight reaction. During a presidential campaign betrayal can drive people to the polls . . . or cause them to hopelessly stay home. A healthy skepticism is necessary for maintaining a democracy. However, citizens feeling betrayed can lead to anarchy. Can you say #Oregon?

The elegant fundamental system created when our country was formed, has been eroded by a steady drip over the years. Let’s tell the truth, the existing system is broken. Broken systems cause well-intentioned people to betray those who elected them. So how do we return trust to our citizens? Fix the system! Remove the layers of bureaucracy and the ineffective “way we do things in Washington” practices.

There is heavy lifting to be done. In addition to a President/Vice President, let’s send an entire executive team to Washington. Will the candidates agree to run as a team? Will you, the voter insist they run as a team? Will you allow those who enjoy power by keeping our country in ineffective chaos convince you “that can’t be done!” or intimidate you into believing “that’s a stupid idea!”?

The Republican Dream Team of 2016 comes out January 19 – read it before it is too late – caucuses begin February 1!

- Kathy Seei

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