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Citizen Patriots, How Candidates Could Form a Dream Team

Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson have both used the term "citizen patriots" as part of their campaign rhetoric.  It's a very attractive concept.  They explain that the Constitution was written by these "citizen patriots".  These are regular citizens - business people, professionals, farmers - who worked together to create the government that today employs millions of people and spends billions of dollars (and happens to be trillions of dollars in debt).  Voters in 2016 are attracted to "outsiders" as candidates.  Donald Trump, successful businessman, leads the polls nationally.


We tested the Dream Team concept with voters in late 2015 and found that it was attractive to almost 70 percent.  This was done through online quantitative research with more than 500 voters.  What is the Dream Team concept?  The concept is that most of the candidates for President are very talented leaders and in some cases, managers.  If instead of fighting each other, they eventually agreed to work together to gain support as a team, the Republicans would have a stronger ticket and would be able to prepare more effectively to actually get things turned around in Washington.


If one assumed candidates such as Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina did not receive the nomination, what if the presumed candidate pledged to place them in the Cabinet?  Who would be better than Ben Carson to run the Health and Human Services and figure out how to clean up Obamacare?  What about appointing Carly Fiorina as Secretary of State?  She has already met with many of the world leaders.  Or using her managerial skills to clean up another one of the huge bureaucracies in Washington, DC.?


In the chart below you can see how many of the candidates scored as members of the Cabinet.



CABINET POSTION                                 CANDIDATES CONSIDERED


Secretary of State                                         Jeb Bush                     11%

                                                                        Carly Fiorina               10%

                                                                        Ben Carson                   7%


Attorney General


(Dept. of Justice)                                           Chris Christie               12%

                                                                        Ted Cruz                         8%

                                                                        Jeb Bush                        6%


Secretary of Transportation                         Chris Christie                  9%

                                                                        Jeb Bush                         3%


Secretary of the Treasury                             Donald Trump                19%

                                                                        Carly Fiorina                   12%

                                                                        Ben Carson                      4%

                                                                        John Kasich                      4%


Secretary of Agriculture                              Mike Huckabee                  5%

                                                                       Rick Perry                          5%

                                                                       Jeb Bush                            4%


Secretary of Commerce                              Donald Trump                   16%

                                                                      Carly Fiorina                        8%


Secretary of Defense                                  Jeb Bush                              8%

                                                                      Lindsey Graham                  8%


Secretary of Homeland Security               Chris Christie                       7%

                                                                      Donald Trump                     6%

                                                                      Jeb Bush                             6%


Secretary of Energy                                    Jeb Bush                             5%


Secretary of Education                               Ben Carson                       13%

                                                                      Carly Fiorina                        5%

                                                                      Mike Huckabee                    4%

                                                                      Jeb Bush                              4%


Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs                   Mike Huckabee                     8%

                                                                     Lindsey Graham                    6%

                                                                     Jeb Bush                               5%


Secretary of Housing and Urban

Development                                              Donald Trump                         7%

                                                                     Ben Carson                            4%




Department of the Interior                        Jeb Bush                                 4%


Did you know that most of the Cabinet positions control organizations much larger than most of the corporations in the U.S.?  Have you ever heard of a government organization restructuring to become more efficient?


It's time to take some of the skills of individuals running for President and put them to use regardless of whether they become the ultimate Presidential nominee.


Below are some possible what if's: 

            -What if Rick Perry was put in charge of figuring out the immigration issue?  He had experience with this as Governor of Texas.

            -What if Bobby Jindal was put in charge of the Department of Education?  He experienced great success in Louisiana.

            -What if Carly Fiorina was tasked with figuring out how to develop a cybersecurity program  for the U.S.?


Granted, some of the existing candidates may have egos too large to work in conjunction with others or they may have existing careers or positions which are more interesting to pursue (John Kasich and Chris Christie as Governors; Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as Senators). But why not find roles for other candidates? As you can see above, Jeb Bush is highly regarded for many positions.  Mike Huckabee would surely fill a role.  All of these candidates have already established that they are leaders.  Shouldn't we as voters consider ourselves to be lucky if they will work together?


Check out the data and the voter guide in the Republican Dream Team of 2016.


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