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Peoples and Barrow wrote an informative article on how Republican Party leaders are preparing for the Republican convention (Republican Party Begins Preparing for Contested Convention, Steve Peoples and Bill Barrow, 1/13/16). They report plans are under way by the Republican Party on how to run a convention in the event no clear winning candidate emerges from the primary season.

Could what some see as a problem really be an opportunity? The large field of Republican candidates for president – those still in the race and those that have dropped out - are a talented group with diverse backgrounds.  What are the American people looking for in the next president of the United States? It depends on who is doing the looking. Some want another Lincoln or Reagan to lead us through these difficult times. Others want someone who is “pure” ideologically. Some are focused on a leader of upstanding character. Could any of our past presidents that we admire withstand the vitriol and hyper scrutiny to which contemporary candidates are subjected – or would they even want to?

Thomas Paine convinced soon-to-be Americans they had a “common cause” in “defending their liberties”. “(Thomas) Paine showed that the Americans deserved independence and could win it, persuading hundreds of thousands to see independence as legitimate and desirable“ (RB Bernstein, 2002). Based on comments candidates made on the FBN Channel debate 1/14/16, do we not again have a common cause to defend our liberty? Abandoning what divides us to seize what we hold in common seems to be the right thing to do now as it was then. Can we redirect our focus from the edges of the discussion where we disagree to the limited and central issues where we do agree? This does not refer to the “muddy middle.” It refers to the beliefs that differentiate us as a free people. It refers to the beliefs we stand to lose as we drift down the slow river called socialism.

227 years of adding “customs and common practices” to the original pristine intent of our Constitution have left our government ineffective and costly. An effective executive team can reform the ever more intrusive “customs and common practices” of the Executive Branch of our government. An effective executive team can lead us back to the original intent of a limited federal government. An effective executive team can simultaneously keep the government working, evaluate and reform ineffective/expensive practices and intentionally plan for the day they pass the responsibility to the next executive team.

Is it possible to explore the concept of The Republican Dream Team of 2016 or will the door be slammed with “never been done before!” Will we continue to brand those that don’t see ‘eye-to-eye’ with us on every issue as “idiots”? There is a lot at stake – a lot to lose. Can we bend on the process of “how” we identify the leadership team of the Executive Branch (President, Vice President and Cabinet) to win the election and to achieve the “what” that needs to be done? To learn more about this audacious idea read “The Republican Dream Team of 2016” scheduled for release 1/19/16.

- Kathy Seei

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