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Endorsement of The Republican Dream Team 2016 Concept

It is great when you get an unsolicited affirmation for an idea you birthed. Dale Plautz from Round Lake, Illinois posted a letter to the editor this week in The Chicago Tribune entitled “What if Donald Trump and Ted Cruz formed a coalition?”

I’m posting his letter below – because it sounds like he has already read our book. It’s been on Amazon for just over a week so I don’t think that ‘s possible – and I’m sure he would have given us credit if he had read our book!


What if Donald Trump and Ted Cruz formed a coalition?

Latest national polls show Donald Trump and Ted Cruz well ahead of their rivals by double digits. Much to the delight of the left-leaning media, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the Democrats, this prime time “bashing” is fragmenting our party and chasing away would-be voters whom Republicans need to win the general election.

Instead of bashing each other to death in public in an attempt to secure the “top” Republican spot, how about an alternative strategy? How about a “grand coalition” instead of a fight-to-the-death match?

If Cruz and Trump step back and look at the banquet table before them, they would see this: Any unifying (repeat: unifying) Republican candidate should easily defeat Clinton or Sanders if he or she does not alienate the base, and if he or she does not alienate independent voters.

I suggest Cruz and Trump form a coalition and share the top two billings. Which candidate runs for president and which runs for vice president won’t matter because it will ultimately take an entire “team” to undo all that Barack Obama has done. And speaking of the “team,” wouldn't it be wise to “draft” Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee onto the Cruz/Trump ticket once the egos are shelved? In my view the depth of talent on stage during the Republican debates is overwhelming.

That fact is that this “last man standing” approach to the nomination is a tragic waste of resources. I encourage Cruz and Trump to join forces and drag the rest of the candidates into their camp by offering them cabinet positions — right now. The end game would be to place an entire cabinet on the ballot, not just two slots.

  • Dale Plautz, Round Lake

What our book does that Dale could not do in a Letter to the Editor, is to describe the process for running as a team in detail. The book identifies who would be for the idea of running as a team and who would be against . . . and why the candidates would even consider such an audacious idea.

There are exactly fifteen spots (the exact number of original republican candidates) when you count President, Vice President and the thirteen Cabinet positions. Our book provides voters with background on each candidate and their stand on key issues. We also identify where they align on issues providing a baseline for a combined platform - allowing the “Republican Dream Team of 2016” to hit the ground running when they take over the Executive Branch in 1/17.  It is a neutral “one stop shop” voter’s guide for the upcoming Republican Primaries. We hope it will educate primary voters and entice them to put their weight behind convincing candidates (and political teams) to endorse the concept.

Time is running out for this idea to grab hold of the wild and woolly process already under way. If you like the idea, spread the word as aggressively as we are spreading news of our book. . . Facebook, LinkedIn, contacting the candidates and their teams - whatever other venues are available to you. Let’s just do this before it’s too late!

-Kathy Seei

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