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FOX News Endorses Dream Team Concept

FOX News commentators speak as if they have read our book, The Republican Dream Team of 2016 (www.republicandreamteamof2016).

Hannity in an interview with Ted Cruz (before he dropped out of race):

Hannity:  “I have a crazy idea and I’ve been talking about it on the radio the last two weeks . . .original seventeen people running for office . . . .Kasich, Rubio, Perry, Jindal. . . .we have some real rock star people that have had great records.  One of the things I hope is that America might be able to see is what a Republican administration might look like to solve the problems we have because our bench is so much deeper.  As a conservative I want to use those stars because I think our country needs the best and brightest.  Do you think that’s a possibility?”

Cruz:  “Absolutely – it was one of the reasons I announced Carly this week – to show the voters they have a clear choice.  . . .  you look at  . . . who stood on that debate stage . . . amazingly talented, diverse. . . you know Abraham Lincoln assembled a team of rivals. . . bring a team of stars around a shared vision and shared policy goals and then we can work together to bring back jobs, defend our constitution, defend our freedom to keep us safe”

Hannity in an interview with Bobby Jindal (5/4/16)

Hannity:  “Do you think it’s possible to unite a ‘dream team’ to run against Hillary and win and save the country from the mess it’s in?”

Jindal:  “The more he (Trump) names the people  - he says the kind of people he would put in key appointments. . . “

Bill O’Reilly plants the seed with Trump  (5/4/16)

“Dream Team Cabinet. . .before Cleveland so you can have a squad you come in with”

Bill Hemmer to Trump (5/5/16)

“Line up a cabinet before convention.”  Trump didn’t deny the concept.

So let’s cut to the proverbial chase.  In our book, The Republican Dream Team of 2016, we have already laid out the plan as follows:

  • Step One:  Put all seventeen of the original Republican Candidates for President in the Executive Branch.  We now know Trump takes the President’s spot.   The remaining sixteen take Vice President and the Cabinet Chairs.
  • Step Three (not a typo):  The Executive Branch team aligns the party platform around solutions to the key issues already been identified by the seventeen original candidates.  Our book details how the candidates concur on key issues and solutions to these issues.  With some fine-tuning the platform is ready to go.
  • Step Two (yes, I realize it is out of order – our process is out of order):  Step two is the big one and the one that is most often left out .   I don’t think anyone is thinking about it.  You cannot take a bunch of Type A personalities, throw them together on a team and “magically” expect them to work great together.    The authors of The Republican Dream Team have identified a professional team who can facilitate the Dream Team becoming an Effective Leadership Team. 
  • Step Four:  Hit the ground running after the Republican Convention as a team working on solutions.  That’s right – instead of focusing on Hillary – focus on solving the problems the country faces.  Solutions – not rhetoric.  Just like Trump seized the news media, the Dream Team seizes the news media by allowing American citizen to watch and weigh in on finalizing the platform, learning to work as a team and developing the work plan.

What a novel idea - using “Reality TV” (we already have the star).  Give the American citizens a glimpse into how the team engages to become an effective team “before” they are elected.  Engage the citizens in solving our nations problems by allowing them to watch the party platform develop and use technology to allow the citizen to weigh in (if “The Voice” can do it – so can government).   It is human nature for us to endorse that which we have been a partner in developing.   Perhaps engaging the citizens in the process of government through reality TV might just be the solution to (and I quote) “Making America Great Again.”  In fact, citizen engagement is the only thing that ever has – and the thing that we have strayed from as our population has grown in numbers and diversity.   Instead of focusing on what divides us can we turn our eyes again to what unites us?

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