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Hello, RNC, It's me...

I was wondering how excited you are about 185,000 participants (48% increase) in the Iowa Republican Caucuses. I heard lines wrapped around buildings, ballots ran low and things turned out differently than anticipated. I hear Conservatives “won the day” although conventional candidates “captured 60% of the vote”. Trump did not have a “turn out” machine. Hard to transition from being a “customer of politics” to “the product of politics.” Product Trump is not tweeting the loss of first place well. Nice Dr. Carson is upset with Cruz. Cruz supporters told voters Carson was “leaving the race” - BEFORE the Iowa Caucus vote was taken. Cruz is sorry and has apologized. Oh, and did I mention the winners did not take “big outside money.” How is all of this possible?! I feel like Dorothy in Wonderland . . . actually many of the Democrats are accusing me of just that on our Facebook Account.

Speaking of Democrats – more strangeness. Hillary is claiming to have “won” with less than a half percent lead over Bernie. Bernie is asking for a recount – who can blame him – how often does a quarter land one-way six times? Since she might be indicted (such an ugly word) and facing potential legal expense – perhaps she should buy a lottery ticket. And just as O’Malley has “winnowed” himself out of the race, speculation abounds that more Democrat candidates may join the race. Won’t that make it even more interesting?  How is all of this possible?!

Kathie Obradovick of the Des Moines Register thinks the strange “happenings” in the Republican race is the result of the large “number of candidates in the race – candidates drive turnout.” I think you’ll agree winnowing is going slowly this time around. Eleven of the original seventeen candidates are still in the race for the Republican nomination: three successful business people, four senators and four governors. RNC, are you still worried that the field not winnowing is a problem? I hope instead you see the opportunity!

I have to say I agree with Rubio. We need “to unify the Republican Base and Conservatives – we can’t continued to be fractured.” Catherine and I have laid out the plan to do just that in our book The Republican Dream Team of 2016 - published on Amazon last month. We’re suggesting you run the whole original team of seventeen candidates for President, Vice President and Fifteen Cabinet positions. The people elect the President. Can the Vice President be the person with the second top number of votes? We used to do that, you know. Then let the remaining candidates be the Cabinet heads. I think the voters will love it!

Let’s me know what you think . . .

Kathy Seei

PS: We’ve sent a copy of the idea to all of the Republican Candidates – hope you don’t mind.

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