As a futurist I’m looking at how things are lining up and it doesn’t look good for the Republican Party. Clinton is ascending as could be predicted. Although the nomination is not finalized, the commitment of super delegates and winning the “firewall” state has things moving that direction. Unlike her race with then Senator Obama the dynamics appear to be different. Coalition groups are not breaking along the same lines for Sanders as they did in 2008 for Obama. Of course, the possibility of indictment still is menacing her candidacy. As for Republicans, the field of candidates started out larger and campaign suspensions are slower than usual.


March 1 is looking me in the eye and I have ten days to cast my vote in the Texas Primary. My co-author, Catherine McBreen, is the Managing Director for The Spectrem Group, a highly respected research firm. Spectrem conducted research in November 2015 with likely Republican voters.   When these voters were asked which of the seventeen original Republicans candidates they liked, they stated, “I kinda like a lot of them.” Actually, I like bits and pieces of all of the original seventeen candidates from the perspective of experience, character traits and nuances of their stand on specific issues. My decision would be easier if all seventeen original Republican candidates pledged to let the voters pick the Presidential nominee and the remaining candidates agreed to assume the other top roles of our Executive Branch: Vice President and fifteen Cabinet Heads. That unique structure would free me to focus on the person I believe would be the best President without fearing the loss of the talents and perspective of the remaining candidates. I want all of them around the decision-making table of the Executive Branch to do the heavy lifting that needs to be done.


The primary sorter for the conservative voter this election cycle appears to be trust. Can we trust the candidate to tell us the truth, do we trust them to do what they say they will do and do we trust they can accomplished the work that needs to be done? Donald Trump supporters like that he tells it “like it is” without politically correct filters. Ted Cruz supporters like that he “stood” for the beliefs that got him elected to the Senate – even though he sometimes stood alone. Although the candidates mostly agree on issues, they are diverse in background, experience and persona. This diversity lends strength to a third “trust factor” – can they get the job done? We believe this blended group of business professionals, senators and governors is the right mix of talent to be trusted to right what’s wrong in DC. What’s at risk if we stick with the current method of selecting the presidential candidate and the winner selecting the vice presidential candidate? Republicans could lose needed votes in November when too many voters fail to transition loyalty from one of the original sixteen candidates who did not get selected as the presidential candidate to the eventual nominee and fail to show up to vote in November.

The focus of the RNC needs to transition from worrying about tradition, power and control to building a team that can be elected in November. The leadership team in charge of the Republican Convention needs to be trusted to tell the truth, do what they say they will do and show competence in moving the large number of candidates from a liability to an asset to win. A revolt is likely if the top winner in the primary elections does not become the candidate resulting in an Independent run for the White House and a split of the Republican vote.  An ineffective and/or flawed process at the Republican National Convention in July could hand the election to the Democrats.


We want the RNC to bring the enthusiastic supporters of the original seventeen candidates back into the fold by including their candidate in the future executive team. We wrote the book, The Republican Dream Team of 2016 because we believe our proposal is a new way forward that does not violate our conservative principles or constitution and wins the election. Let’s adapt and live to fight another day. We WILL choose the candidate for president at the convention and we CAN avoid alienation of conservative voters by unifying to keep all of the candidates on the team that takes back the White House in January 2017.


-Kathy Seei

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