The recent massacre in Paris and the pledge by ISIS to attack Washing DC has citizens concerned.  Count me as one.  I am not scared nor am I known as a bigot.  I am a pragmatist who does not trust President Obama’s leadership.  He appears to be focused on his legacy and political correctness more than defeating an external enemy – one who openly states they want to destroy us.  

The day he announced that we had them “on the run,” his declared JV team bombed Paris.  And now he wants me to trust that the Syrian refugees will be “thoroughly” vetted.  Yes, some of the Syrians he would like to place here in our homeland are true refugees. Mounting evidence points to extremists successfully embedding themselves among refugees. I prefer he focus our intelligence efforts on pursuing the potential attackers who are already among us.

We, the citizens, in order to protect our posterity are engaged in discussions about national security leading up to the 2016 elections. We will elect a political team focused on the long term good of the United States – not what plays well with a particular political base or what the history books will report. We will vote for a president strongly grounded in reality with well-thought-out strategies and an experienced team of advisors. We will vote for someone we can trust - both in experience and character.  

Kathy Seei is an author and political commentator who resides in Prosper, TX.  She and her co-author Catherine McBreen, have written a new book The Republican Dream Team of 2016©, scheduled for release in January 2016. 

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