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New Book Explores Prospects for a GOP “Dream Team” to Run in 2016


Brad Wilks,


New Book Explores Prospects for a GOP “Dream Team” to Run in 2016

CHICAGO (December 28, 2015) – With just five weeks until the Iowa caucuses, the latest polls demonstrate an ever-shifting voter sentiment about the current Republican field of candidates. With GOP leaders facing the possibility of the party’s first brokered convention in 40 years, the stakes are high as Republicans seek to recapture the White House in 2016.

A new book, The Republican Dream Team of 2016©, offers an in-depth and engaging look at the attitudes of prospective GOP voters on the current field of candidates, as well as a Voters’ Guide outlining where each candidate stands on the issues important to voters.

The book introduces the radical new concept of a Republican Dream Team, in which voters would have the opportunity to cast their ballot in November for an entire “Dream Team” of candidates running together under the banner of the winner of the Primaries to represent an entire new administration.

The book contains some revealing statistics about voter attitudes towards the idea. When asked about the Dream Team concept as a whole, two-thirds of poll respondents indicated they find the idea appealing, with the 18-44 age bracket displaying the highest numbers. The authors also include data on which candidates survey respondents selected for which cabinet spots. For example, the statistics pointed to voter interest in Jeb Bush for Secretary of State, Chris Christie for Attorney General and Donald Trump for Secretary of the Treasury or of Commerce. Ben Carson led for the Secretary of Education position, Mike Huckabee for Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs and Carly Fiorina’s name popped up in the top three for four different positions.

“We wrote this book because we wanted to hear from conservative and independent voters about ways the GOP candidates can pull together to win the 2016 election,” said Catherine McBreen, co-author of the book and managing director of Spectrem Group. “Our research shows that, since 2009, respondents have rated the political environment as their top national concern. The results of our research indicate that a ‘Dream Team’ of competent, respected political and business leaders running together would be a compelling way to make voters feel their government could eliminate gridlock and once again lead the nation effectively.”

The book is based on data gathered by Spectrem Group, a consulting a research firm, through online polling of 500 individuals likely to vote in the Presidential Primaries. Alongside this data is qualitative commentary gathered in a focus group of Republican and Independent voters.  

The Republican Dream Team of 2016© offers an exciting vision of how the GOP can build a consensus platform to win in November and begin to enact much needed reform in the federal government. The book is scheduled for release in January 2016 by Green Leaf Publishing. Follow it at, and on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About the Book

The Republican Dream Team of 2016© (Greenleaf Book Group Press; reimagines the political process in a way that would enable conservative and moderate voters to rally behind a unified “Dream Team” to win the Presidency in 2016.

The book draws on research to identify the issues most important to conservative and moderate voters. This research, combined with the authors’ deep knowledge of systems and change management, fosters an innovative approach to elections and the transition of power that follows.

About the Authors

Catherine McBreen is the Managing Director of Spectrem Group, a market research firm that has traditionally focused on research with high net worth investors as well as consumers and investors of all types. Catherine has been a frequent commentator in the media, including in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Investment News, American Banker among others. She has appeared on CNBC and Fox Business as well as in regional media. Catherine has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences. In 2007, she published her first book, Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On, in conjunction with her business partner, George Walper, Jr.

Kathy Seei is a public and private-sector innovator and leader. During her six-year term as Mayor of Frisco, TX, the municipality grew by 300 percent, making it the fastest growing city in the U.S. Under her leadership, the city became known for its public/private sports partnerships, won awards for its forward planning and was the first city in the US to require energy star standards for all new homes. She also served as Vice President of Corporate Development for AECOM, a large global technical design firm, before running for the US House of Representatives in 2008.


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