By the time I reached the age of “proper” female undergarments, women had abandoned the use of synched corsets. We were moving quickly from girdles to pantyhose and have thankfully arrived at bare legs. During the presidential election I blogged about preferring to be “shoeless” choosing liberty over contrived “style.” (“barefootandunafraid,”6.29.16).

My primary choice, Governor Kasich, was not chosen president. (“the looking glass” 3.2.16). He had the “correct” demeanor and experience. The more I listened to Trump and followed what was happening in DC, I noted he was not like recent presidents in background, style, speech or approach. I began to realize he was just what we needed - a disrupter with fresh eyes unwilling to accept “this is how things are done”.

President Trump appears uncomfortable in the present day “political fashion” of using a teleprompter – he never needed one as a successful businessman. He doesn’t know how to use that “uh - uh” in the middle of sentences to show he is a thoughtful thinker. He doesn’t know or prefers to ignore that you should not talk from your heart in a politically unfiltered way. He chooses to tweet directly to the people versus letting his thoughts be “translated” by others. And now his sin of not bowing to the code of political correctness is deemed an impeachable offense.

I like hearing my president speak his mind – not some mind-sucked words sanitized to make them agreeable to everyone – codified to be presidential. I voted for him because he was a successful businessman and because I wanted the first woman president to be the “right” woman. I continue to support President Trump because he chooses to bring himself, not some sanitized version of himself, to his work. He tells me his goals, works to achieve those goals and calls out those who stand in his way.

Mr. President, we need you to continue to look at the lay of the land and say, “Whoa, why are we doing THAT?!” I firmly believe you are the right person to pull us out of the deep trench of “custom” that distracts from the work of government (“accelerate or perish,”2.16.17). Stay focused, ignore the mindless chatter and resist the corset of political correctness. Lead us back to effective government by the people and for the people.

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