Dear Captain-Elect,

Congratulations on taking the time to surround yourself with the right crew to help you navigate as the leader of the free world.  I’m writing because I believe in the engine that makes this ship run – the constitution. (“I Agree with Robert Gates” 12/8/15).  If followed, I believe it still serves us well.  The Vessel of Freedom it propels doesn’t need to be replaced by a newer model but she certainly needs an overhaul.  Many barnacles are weighing her down and her sails have become so tattered they no longer catch the wind as well as they once did.

Captains before you were so determined to reach destinations they used executive powers, unjust wars and a host of other false activities at the expense of maintenance of the ship. Their focus on expediency has left the Vessel of Freedom in ill repair.  Some are suggesting you leave the ship and drain the swamp.  They suggest this because they know there ARE alligators waiting for you if you shift your focus from the needed work at hand.

We need to pull into dock for a bit and scrape off the barnacles of too many government programs and the bloated number of people hired to run them - and enforce them. These bloated programs rift holes in our financial sails that you are uniquely equipped to repair. Our onboarding of citizens also needs repair and has led to a stowaway problem.  Some are criminals and should walk the plank.  Most are victimized by the broken on-boarding process or are being allowed to stowaway to profit business.

Refurbishing this vessel and getting control of our boarding process are the most urgent tasks at hand.  I trust your background in refurbishing old buildings and your experience at hiring/firing to be of help in righting the ship in these areas.  It’s not glamorous work.  It’s roll-up-your- sleeves and get-after-it work.  I believe you have shown you are not afraid of hard work.   I voted for you because I trust your gut instincts to get this needed work done. 

Once the ship is righted, sir, we will find ourselves able to nimbly sail the seas again. We will have the financial resources and the right manpower to get those roads and bridges built more quickly and effectively – but let’s right the ship first.

-Kathy Seei

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