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Something Strange Is Happening . . .

We’re noting an interesting trend. There are more people we assume are Democrats posting on The Republican Dream Team of 2016 Facebook Page than Republicans and Independents. How do we arrive at that assumption? The remarks begin with “you Republicans” “Hillary 2016”, “Racist, Fascist Pigs”. . . .to mention a few.

We asked ourselves, why are Democrats so committed to posting on our page? Don’t the Democrats have their own Facebook pages to talk about topics of interest to Democrats? They certainly aren’t converting any Republicans or Independents to move to the Democrat Party with their rude remarks. No mention of why candidates running as a team is a bad idea. . . only name calling and sarcastic remarks.

So why ARE Democrats posting on an obviously Republican Facebook Page? We think they may be worried that the Republican Dream Team concept positions the Republican Party to win. What else could it be other than fear? We have a fear – that Republicans and Independents will stop engaging in the discussion on our Facebook Page because they are tired of the vitriol and of personally being “slammed” for expressing their ideas.

Today we began to block the offenders. We invite the people who are blocked to join a site where the ideals of the Democrat Party are discussed and/or your behavior is acceptable. Our Facebook Page seeks to engage Republicans and Independents in a thoughtful dialog about The Republican Dream Team concept, the Republican candidates and other issues relating to our federal government.

Let’s keep talking!

- Kathy Seei
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