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President Obama lectured to me last night from the Oval Office. He presumed that I had forgotten the years of schooling I received about not judging others based on their race, sex or religion. You see, President Obama believes that just because I'm not a big supporter of his policies, that I am an uneducated bigot. I grew up in the farm fields of the Midwest in an entirely white community. Didn't even meet a Jewish person until I went to college. So, of course, I must be stupid enough to think that because two Muslim individuals were radicalized and shot 14 innocent individuals at a Christmas party (excuse me, "Holiday gathering"), that I believe all Muslim people are bad.

Of course not. I am three weeks older than President Obama and I can assure everyone that my generation, and certainly all of the generations that follow, have been taught not to judge someone simply based on the actions of a few. (We learned that not only at my public school but in my religious education class at St. Malachy's.) What I wish President Obama would have spoken about was how his policy was working to stop ISIS from infiltrating our country via social networks, an open border, a visa process that clearly isn't working, and other channels that we can't even identify. I also wish he could have discussed why we weren't sharing intelligence information with our Allies prior to the Paris terrorism event. And why it took the Russians to bomb the ISIS oil fields......the rumor is that we were too worried about environmental damage to the desert wasteland.

And then he blamed Congress for something....but I'm not really sure what he was talking about? They did or didn't do something...but this, the most articulate of Presidents, did not describe this lapse. But, of course, everything is the fault of Congress.

Let's be realistic. Those of us who are not politicians actually have a brain. It does make sense that individuals on the No Fly list should not be able to purchase weapons. So, who creates the No Fly list? And how does one get on or off the list? And who, other than the TSA, has access to this list? How are you going to share the names of these individuals with the multitudes of people/companies/other that sell guns? Doesn't that violate someone's rights? I mean, after all, the NSA was deemed illegal because it was sharing phone call information. Isn't this an even bigger violation of one's privacy? And about the gun there a national forum for registering guns? If so, does it work effectively?

President Obama has never had a real job. As such, he lives on idealized leftist principals that don't work in the real world. If he had ever rolled up his sleeves and worked on solving a problem rather than just blaming someone else, he wouldn't seem as condescending and obnoxious. I don't think Americans need to be told once again that they can't judge all Muslims as evil. Duh....I learned that in the Kindergarten class of my white, entirely Christian public school in the Midwest. Clearly, President Obama, you weren't paying attention.

Catherine S. McBreen -December 7, 2015

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