I’m standing in front of my mirror, both hands firmly planted on the counter in front of me, looking myself in the eye and saying, “your candidate isn’t the front runner in the Republican Party and will never be the front runner. Get real. Get on board. Do what you can to help Republicans win this election . . .or kiss the remnants of what you think this country is about good bye.”


Trump did not win Texas on Super Tuesday. His closest contender, Ted Cruz, has only won three states. Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail has to date not “looked presidential.” Rubio seems to be enjoying getting in the mud with him – looking less like “the new Kennedy” every day. Nice guys Kasich and Carson are hanging in there with no chance of winning enough delegates.


Unless something unforeseen happens, I do not see any way that Trump’s momentum can be stopped as he runs full throttle into the Republican Convention in eighteen short weeks. Republican leaders are upset about the current state of affairs. Fearing loss of control and power, will they be able to stop themselves from interfering with Trump’s nomination at the convention? If things play out like I think they will, Trump will have no choice but to run as an independent . . .and Hillary wins. Am I seeing this clearly?


Let’s talk Trump. You may remember that I’ve been wondering who IS the “real” Trump (#Confidence, Arrogance and the American Way). Last night as he acknowledged his strong showing in the Super Tuesday primaries, I saw once again a glimpse of who Trump could be as President. Trump on the campaign trail is just a huge mirror being held up for “we the people” to see what we have become. Reality TV breaks through all prior social taboos, social networking provides little privacy and 24-hour news cycles keep us up to date in nanoseconds. I no longer live in the world I once knew.


Younger people and those more adjusted to “how things are” do not share my concern. Trump for them is not a “con artist” he is just a “reflection of who we the people are becoming”. My adult children tell me not to “cover my eyes” during gore in a movie assuring me “its just a movie.” They are more in tune with what Trump is up to – it’s just him being what he has to be to win the election. In many ways it’s just pretending, playing a role to win the game.


Trump is not beholding to anyone but himself and the voters who support him. He is a successful businessman. We need a good businessman to solve the debt, fix the bloated executive branch of government, make “good deals” with foreign countries and solve the broken welfare systems. As a businessman he knows how the “games are played” and used that knowledge to build successful businesses. He has the knowledge to fix what’s wrong.


I am a conservative – even on social issues. However, the majority of Americans do not agree with me on these points - thus we have lost the last two presidential elections and recent Supreme Court rulings. My hands are down, I’m not covering my eyes - and I want the Republicans to win. I want to leave my grandchildren with a government based on the principles that still hold true even though the external manifestations have changed. Our founding fathers surely would “cover their eyes” in disbelief with me as a woman voting - much less holding office. When I wear pants, lead a company and speak with authority they probably would be appalled.


I choose to focus on the future by looking back at the fundamentals that made our country great - our constitution and our bill of rights. Our founding fathers did not see me in those words written so long ago. So I must stand on the platform they created, look clearly at the present situation and see how it can be made whole to move our country in the right direction. I must look into the reflection of the mirror Donald Trump is holding up and say it is different and it is good.


I choose to see the possibilities for the Republican Party with such a large field of strong candidates. “Winnowed” from seventeen to five, I choose to put the dream of reclaiming the White House before what feels familiar and comfortable to me. Instead of covering my eyes, I focus on a solution that will help Republicans to win. I want all seventeen of the original Republican candidates to run, win and take over the executive branch of this great country - as a team. I choose to put aside how things have always been done, embrace reality, role up my proverbial sleeves and win!


“Can you see in your minds eye a line of confident, talented leaders walking side by side across the White House lawn . . . a real force to be reckoned with, an impossible team to beat and the country turned around more quickly than could ever be imagined?” The Republican Dream Team of 2016, page 149 (11/15).


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