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#The Third Candidate

Catherine McBreen and I have been lobbying for the audacious idea that the Republican candidates for president run as a team.  Can it be possible that our book The Republican Dream Team of 2016 was published only eight short weeks ago? What an amazing eight weeks in politics it has been.

We suggested the seventeen original Republican candidates for president team up to fill the seventeen posts in the Executive Branch, begin working on a combined platform of work and hit the ground running in January 2017.  We wanted them to collaborate to win instead of beating one another up – and if wishes were horses. . .

In the past week there has been a glimmer of hope.  As of yesterday eight of the candidates are coalescing.  Carly Fiorina and most recently Rick Perry are now strongly in the Cruz camp.  Lindsey Graham appears to be “holding his nose” as he steps into the Cruz camp.  Chris Christie was the first to align with his preferred candidate, Donald Trump, followed by Ben Carson.  Huckabee, although not formally endorsing Trump, is “putting his money on Trump.”

We are close to 50% of the original field of candidates aligning in two camps behind Cruz and Trump. But wait - there is a third candidate in the Republican race to the White House – the “Establishment Candidate”.  Kasich, by choosing to remain in the race as the spoiler, is lining up behind this candidate. This third candidate is hoping for a brokered convention to circumvent the vote of the people.  Kasich is not alone.  There appear to be several “gentlemen in waiting”.

I’m personally rooting for the coalescing to continue around either Cruz or Trump.  I hope others within the party will do the same.  It is the Republican Party’s best chance to win the presidency.  The Republican Party leaders must honor the votes cast in the Republican primary.   The third candidate maintains the “status quo”.  The status quo is and has been a losing proposition.  If the “third candidate” succeeds in winning the Republican nomination we all lose as the Republican Party explodes and Hillary becomes president.

- Kathy Seei

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