Let’s reframe the endless drone of news reports about the “violent response” of Trump supporters to people constantly interrupting #Donald Trump’s speeches.  Do you ever see the “white, middle aged, conservative males” interrupting #Bernie Sanders or #Hillary Clinton Rallies? 

Yet, with every Donald Trump rally or speech I’ve watched on TV there seems to be choreographed interruptions breaking the flow of his presentation.  They happen at well spaced times and originate from throughout the room.  The “interrupter” continues to shout for maximum affect as they are escorted from the room.  So who is uncivil?

And now it has escalated to liberals throwing solid objects at Mr. Trump as he speaks. You may not like what someone is saying but the left and news media would never tolerate someone shouting out at Sanders or Clinton Rallies - much less throwing things.  They would never attempt to make Sanders or Clinton supporters the bad guys in such situations.  They would use such episodes as examples of erosion of free speech and civility.  I for one am tired of the duplicity.

I think those “white, middle-aged, conservative males” feel it is there responsibility to help the police and secret service keep their candidate safe.  Some of them may even be former military or active police officers.  They may just be instinctively responding to disruptive behavior. Should supporters wait for a liberal to attempt to seriously harm Donald Trump before someone intervenes?

There are so many disrupters embedding themselves at every rally it would be impossible for security guards/secret service to successfully intervene if they all decided to use another non-traditional weapon to drive home their hate.  Our country is based on citizens being able to protect themselves and not being victims. I’m sure bags are checked for guns and someone found an atypical weapon to hurl at Mr. Trump – hitting him right could have done him serious harm.  But then #Democrats are off the mark on many things. 

The solution?  Liberals need to be less violent and redirect their attention to getting their candidates elected.  Their behavior shows how afraid they are of the energy within the Republican ranks this election cycle.  I say to them, “focus on your goals versus messing with the rest of us – #we don’t much like that kind of behavior here in Texas.”

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