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I'm watching Hannity. It's December 17, 2015. He's interviewing Donald Trump. Trump just said that a number of people on the debate stage with him are very talented. He indicated that working together would lead to an even stronger party and allow the Republicans to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Welcome to the Dream Team concept. We interviewed voters and asked them what they would think if the Republican Party developed a slate of candidates rather than just one person. Overwhelmingly voters endorsed the concept.

-What if Ben Carson was the Secretary of Health and Human Services?

-What if Chris Christie was the Attorney General?

-What if Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio was in charge of fixing the Immigration issue? Or even Rick         Perry, a former candidate but one who has significant experience with the immigration issues.

-What if Carly Fiorina was in charge of a strategy to stop cyber attacks? or developing a defense policy in conjunction with Silicon Valley leaders?

-What if Lindsey Graham led the Middle East policy?

The Republican Party has a host of talented individuals running for President, however, only one can get the key spot. But why should we lose out on being able to put many of these talented individuals to work for us?

The Republican Dream Team of 2016 is coming soon. This comprehensive guide to the candidates, their backgrounds, their stand on various issues....and research regarding what voters think are key selection factors for a candidate can help you make the right decision when it's time for you to vote.

- Catherine McBreen
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