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Welcome to America!

I share Mr. Trump’s concern about the country’s lack of adequate screening for those entering our country. (See “Mr. President,” Dallas Morning News, November 28, 2015). As we screen entry to the U.S. by country of origin, those wanting to attack our homeland send warriors through the portal of a different country or embed them with those seeking refuge. Plug one security weakness and a determined enemy seeks another.

Consider the current U.S. citizens of European descent willing to commit mass murder because of mental illness or allegiance to a cause. It is not too far a stretch of the imagination that ISIS could begin to recruit these disaffected “non-Muslim” U.S. citizens to achieve their goal of destruction. To maintain our safety we need to constantly review our screening systems looking for new patterns and provide legal protection for those who “see something and say something.”

Our brains are naturally wired to form an opinion or see a situation through the lenses of our past experiences. Being aware of “what else could be true” and “pausing” before we speak or act can save us embarrassment. When you are a public figure, there are those who are willing to play our ill –spoken words over and over again.   Knowing words matter is different than being “politically correct”.   We need to be aware of how our words can be misinterpreted with an unintended result. As for political correctness – there is too much of it – we lost lives because of it.

My family of origin came to the U.S. from Germany and France with dreams of freedom and endless possibilities. As a country we discuss whether we are a “melting pot” or a “salad bowl”. I prefer to think of the U.S. as a colorful salad held together by a wonderful dressing called the constitution. Our commitment to live freely binds us together rather than our country of origin. Those of us who hold these “truths to be self evident “ speak with a united message:  “If your goal is to change our form of government or our foundational laws – remain where you agree with the foundational laws”. On the other hand, if you want to be dunked in the dressing of the constitution, “Welcome to America!”

Kathy Seei

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