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Woman, College-Educated, Voting for Trump

I hear that those of my herd are stampeding to Hillary.  “Why?” I ask.  They answer, “Trump is a bombastic, misogynistic, insensitive brute that will only benefit the rich and annihilate the world by pressing THE button.” I remember viscerally the Cuban Missile Crisis – I was in the fifth grade and my father built a bomb shelter in our home.  l was raised by loving parents in an environment of subtle bigotry in a suburb of St. Louis, MO. I pledged that familial bigotry would end with me.  Judging by my children’s actions and words I succeeded.  I graduated from college in the late 60’s with the help of a scholarship, a student loan and two jobs.  A protestor of the Vietnam War, I raise a patriot who served in our special forces in Iraq and I am voting for Donald Trump.

My husband of 45 years and I knocked heads a few times when we were first married over the appropriateness of beauty pageants.  He was my most ardent supporter when I went on to get my masters degree, became the first woman Mayor of Frisco, TX and made a run for the U.S Congress.  Some might call him a misogynist because he loves women.  I call him a red-blooded man who works hard and loves his family.  He struggled when our daughter became close friends with a man who was “gay”, learned to love the person not the label and walked our daughter down the aisle when this close friend became one of her bridal attendants. This man I love isn’t always “politically correct” and he tells his truth.  He shows by his life that actions speak louder than words.  He is not perfect – neither is Donald Trump and I am voting for Donald Trump.

I believe that conservation shares the same root word as conservative.  The notoriously fast-growing city I served was the first city in the nation to require all homes to be Energy Star Certified.   Once considered sacrilegious it is now the local standard.   I believed preservation of dark skies, trees and water streams was best for the future of our community.  My belief in converting dreams to plans and working hard proved to be true as top goals were achieved in both by public and private sector work.  Although I am pro-life, no one who knows me would consider me a “pure social conservative” and I am voting for Donald Trump. 

My walk in life has allowed me to get to know people of diverse financial means as I transitioned from beginning my life as lower middle class to upper middle class through hard work and the freedom to rise.  I have learned by looking in from the outside that wealth does not always bring you happiness and that wealth does not determine if you are a good or bad person. I have friends who are far wealthier than I will ever be and I have found most of them good, gracious and caring.  I have found them generous and good partners in building a quality city for all citizens. The amount of money you have doesn’t dictate the content of your character and I am voting for Donald Trump.

A scholarship and a student loan allowed me to break my familial bias that three sons should go to college and that I should get married and have children. Without liberty I would have been relegated to a position in life of someone else’s choosing. Yes, I have met people who did not think I belonged in the places that I arrived in life. That is their problem not mine because I had the liberty to rise. I believe our federal government systems have become bloated, corrupt, dysfunctional and ineffective. Just as I did not want to leave this world without touching it in some way to make it better I do not want to leave this world with my country moving from liberty to socialism. We need a strong, proven leader who believes that liberty, hard work and supporting people to rise will make us great again. I look to my herd to see if they will continue on their current path or stop to pause and consider what is the single most important thing for the future of their children. I believe it is liberty and a hand up/not a hand out that makes us great and I am voting for Donald Trump. There – I’ve said it publicly.

Kathy Seei


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